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Hydrate, soothe and nourish skin with a natural, high-performance treatment mask made with charcoal and bentonite, kaolin clay, aloe vera, and vitamins A and E that deeply cleanses pores and removes impurities.

The result is a detoxifying cleansing of the skin, leaving it soft, purified and radiant.

All Hunter Labs formulas are proudly crafted with naturally derived ingredients for optimal skin health and safety. In a small percentage of cases, such as synthetic preservatives used to ensure that water-based products remain stable and safe over time, natural alternatives are not the best option. Non-natural ingredients are used. Click here for more information

thermal leaf

M5 Marine Healing Essence


A natural daily skin treatment to help reduce inflammation and free radical stress, and tone skin, made with natural marine actives suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Featuring soothing, soothing and healing microalgae, bladderwrack, seaweed marine extract, advanced mushroom complex to reduce inflammation, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to balance pH levels and hydrate. Contains 97% natural ingredients

Upon application, skin is instantly soothed, redness is reduced, pH levels are balanced and moisture levels are greatly increased. will be

M5 Marine Healing Essence

  • Water, sodium lauroyl glutamate, PG, PEG-150 stearate, Galactomyces culture solution (Gyunyu), PCA-Na, glycol stearate, BG, Ganoderma extract, Inonotus obliquus (Chaga) extract, Crypthecodinium cornii (microalgae) extract, Leuconostoc/radish fermentation filtrate, Centipede cuninhamii (senile weed) extract, Centella asiatica (Gotu kola) extract, Panthenol (vitamin B5), Calendula flower extract, Chamomile flower extract, Arnica montana oil , Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) leaf extract, pca sodium, sodium hyaluronate, licorice rhizome/root extract, wakame extract, allantoin, fucus extract, marshmallow root extract, fermented saccharomyces lysate, succinoglycan, gluconolactone, fragrance ( Naturally derived), blue tansy essential oil, curcuma longa rhizome extract, dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate

  • Centella asiatica:
    Repairs skin tissue, reduces scars and fine lines, is anti-inflammatory, protects skin from free radical damage, and soothes sensitive skin.

    Reishi extract:
    It has deep moisturizing, anti-aging, fine line and wrinkle reduction, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, providing a gentle and comfortable care experience.

    Fucus extract:
    Antibacterial inhibition, keep skin clean and healthy, relieve sensitive redness, antioxidant protection, promote skin health and radiance.

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