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Hydrate, soothe and nourish skin with a natural, high-performance treatment mask made with charcoal and bentonite, kaolin clay, aloe vera, and vitamins A and E that deeply cleanses pores and removes impurities.

The result is a detoxifying cleansing of the skin, leaving it soft, purified and radiant.

All Hunter Labs formulas are proudly crafted with naturally derived ingredients for optimal skin health and safety. In a small percentage of cases, such as synthetic preservatives used to ensure that water-based products remain stable and safe over time, natural alternatives are not the best option. Non-natural ingredients are used. Click here for more information

thermal leaf

Embraced by nature's bounty, we have meticulously distilled 94% natural ingredients to create this beauty water, anointed with a unique, high-efficiency moisture magnet. It bestows upon your skin a deep hydration lasting up to 72 hours, akin to the dew of a northern dawn - gentle and pure, invigorating the skin with vitality.

M3 North White Beauty Natural Tonic

Available for preorder, shipping scheduled for October
  • Aphanothece sacrum : Originating from Fukuoka, Japan, this precious blue algae offers incredible moisturizing properties, five times that of hyaluronic acid, and excellent soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. Aquatic Spirulina is also used in the medical field, mainly to improve the condition of patients with atopic skin diseases.

    Triple Hyaluronic Acid : Comprising three types of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights:

    - High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid : Known for its remarkable water retention capacity, it moisturizes the dermis and stays on the skin surface to prevent dryness and retain moisture.

    - Macro Molecular Hyaluronic Acid : Adheres to the skin and doubles the moisturizing and water retention capabilities of regular hyaluronic acid.

    - Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid : Specially processed to double the permeability of regular hyaluronic acid, this ultra-low molecular form penetrates deeply, providing ample moisture from within.

    Glycyrrhizic Acid GK2 : Recognized in Japan as a quasi-drug ingredient, it is primarily used for its anti-inflammatory properties and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

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